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Buholzer Brothers™ Products

Buholzer Brother’s produces high quality cheeses in the rolling hills of Green County, Wisconsin.
The Buholzer Family has been crafting award winning products on the factory’s original location since the late 1800’s.
Our cheeses are available in retail chunks and slices, and also for foodservice use.

Buholzer Brothers™ Muenster 

Muenster is an orange rind cheese originating from Frances Alsace Region. American type Muenster Cheese was originally made by European immigrants who started producing it in Wisconsin in the late 1880s.

Muenster is a semi-firm cheese that is yellowish in color. It features a creamy texture that just gets creamier with age. Young Muenster is mild in flavor and becomes slightly pungent when aged. Think of Muenster cheese as comfort food with luxury leanings.

Muenster Loaf & Chunk

Buholzer Brothers™ Brick 

Brick Cheese is a semi-soft sweet American cheese made from whole milk in a brick form. Brick cheese was named for its shape and for the bricks that cheesemakers originally used to press moisture from the cheese.

This American Original cheese is a favorite that was first made right here in Wisconsin. Our Brick cheese, is made using a time-honored recipe by our Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers® and dedicated employees, it offers a semi-soft texture and mild flavor that intensifies deliciously with age.

Brick Loaf & Chunk

Buholzer Brothers™ Havarti 

Havarti is a cream or yellow hued colored cheese that originated and became popular in Denmark. It is a semi-soft cheese known for its creamy, rich buttery flavor.

Havarti Loaf & Chunk

Buholzer Brothers™ Dill Havarti 

In addition, to Plain Havarti, Buholzer Brothers™ also produces a Dill Havarti.  They are both indulgent cheeses by their very own nature. Great for entertaining with family.

Dill Havarti Loaf & Chunk