Associations & Partners

Our Partners

We have many partners that make our high quality award winning cheese possible.

The working people of Klondike Cheese Co.

Klondike’s success is due to our hard working employees. The members of the Buholzer family work side-by-side with dozens of skilled cheesemakers, warehouse workers, and others, to produce award winning cheese.


First are our “patron” dairy farmers – We believe they are among the very best Wisconsin, “the dairy state,” has to offer. Many of these farms have been in the same family for generations. Klondike’s Master Cheesemakers work closely with our “patron” dairy farmers to ensure only the finest quality cheese is made on a consistent basis.


Monroe, Wisconsin is home to the Cheese Days Festival celebrating the rich cheese heritage of the area every other year; where else can you find the “Cheese Makers Ball”? The Monroe High School sports teams are named “The Cheesemakers” as futher evidence of the legacy of cheese in our community. Monroe is also home to the National Historic Cheesemaking Center. “A Museum celebrating an era that was, that will never be again”. Green County Wisconsin is called the cheese capital of the world. The cheese making tradition runs deep in this area. Klondike, along with other small local cheese producers, is helping to preserve the art of cheese making in Green County, and keeps southern Wisconsin a center for world-class cheese.

The Klondike Cheese Co. sponsors UW Madison, as well as the Madison Capitals.